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are you back?
- Anonymous

Hehehehehee, it was just a teaser.  Just letting you guys know that I’m still alive and I may or may not have a few things in the works.  :)


I don't mean to be a bitch, because I fully love you. I understand you want a private life and all that shit but in two years time your going to regret this, you will be irrelevant. Dont get me wrong I have a lot of mad respect for you. But believe it or not fans are what make you somethig or make you nothing. If your not going to give us the time of day then you are just going to contine to lose fans more and more everyday. Good luck to you with your future though.
- Anonymous

If you’ve stuck around and read things that I’ve posted, I don’t want to be famous or have some undying fame. My fans should stick with me for me…not because I cater to everyone’s needs. I’m just a chill person with a normal fucking life. If something big happens in the future for me, then for those who actually “like me as a person” (whether they know me personally or not) will be there to support me. I don’t care if my fans leave because I’m not giving you all what you want. That’s your decision. I’m not begging for anyone to stick around.
I have a life. I have friends. And I have fun. If I want to share things with you all, then I will. I’ve already rendered myself irrelevant to the AYTO world and I’m totally cool with it.
I’m just doing me. I’m sure on the next season of AYTO, you’ll find someone else who will happily cater to you guys.
AYTO didn’t make me. My parents did. AYTO didn’t make me who I am today. I did.

If you want to stick around and enjoy what I post whenever I have the time to post it, then cool! If not, well, I probably won’t really notice.

I am A NORMAL PERSON with responsibilities and obligations and a life to live. I appreciate my fans and those who don’t even know me from the show, very much so. But this is my life and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to listen to strangers who are trying to tell me how to live it.

Consider this response bitchy if you will but I consider this honesty.

Peace for a bit ✌️

I’m honestly annoyed and over this blog right now. I love the majority of you, obviously but I’m sick of the stupid fucking questions that I get.

I’m going to go on a long hiatus. I’m busy with life and a new boy and I’m too happy to write anything to some people who honestly couldn’t give two shits about anything aside from AYTO.

I’m sorry for those who have been so fabulous! I still would love to receive/read messages but I’m going to be even more selective about the questions/messages I answer.

PS: the most recent questions I responded to, I was drunk. So there’s that.

Until next time…

Much love.

Where art thou
- Anonymous

Busy with my social life.

Hey I have a question. What is your current relationship status with Chris? I love you two!
- Anonymous

Shut up.

When is your YouTube channel coming out?
- Anonymous

The channel that I worked on with someone else should be finishing up shortly.
I don’t know when I’ll release my own channel. I’ve been too busy to work on it and I want to make sure I release quality videos.

now that you have money how do you feel
- Anonymous

A little less in debt.